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frequently asked questions

The Coronavirus crisis has prompted a number of questions from members, some of which have been asked on more than one occasion, and they are presented below. Should you have a question that isn't covered here please call or email the office.

Q - When can we put in supplementary cards?

A - The EGU and CONGU have confirmed that cards can now be accepted for handicap and supplementary purposes. So, with immediate effect, qualifying scorecards can be accepted. Key points to remember:

  • Bunkers are still preferred lie under a local rule
  • You must still adhere to ‘Play Safe, Stay Safe’. 
  • All putts must be holed out
  • Stakes/posts remain immovable
  • Flagsticks to remain in the hole
  • No need for counter signature, verbal agreement only at the end of every hole. You must still write your playing partner's name on the card.
  • Once completed, photograph your scorecard and email to Ben Filler (Men’s cards) or Judith Sperring (Ladies' cards). Then please recycle your card at home
  • If playing a supplementary you must still inform the Pro-shop before you play, and they will sign in for you.

Q - Why can’t we play 18 holes? and Q - Other clubs are offering 18 holes, why aren’t we?

A - Initially, limited to two-balls only, we restricted play to 9 holes ensuring members could play as often as they liked. With the restriction on number of players lifted we are now introducing 18 holes as quickly as possible whilst maintaining capacity for all to play. The aim is to enable 18 holes allowed all day as soon as practical.

Q - Why can’t we have four-balls?

With the available tee time capacity, the demand for safe play from single/pairs playing on their own, safe spacing and the pace of play we have not yet been able to bring back four-balls. Our planning does include the reintroduction of four-balls, and normality to golf, as soon as possible.

Q - Why can’t we let visitors play? and  Q - Why can’t members bring guests yet?

A - We still only have capacity for the number of members wanting to play every day and we made the decision that our loyal members are absolutely our top priority.  As soon as it is practicable, guests will be welcome.  Then we will consider visitors and societies. We do recognise the financial importance they provide but members come first.  

Q - Why can’t we start earlier?

A - The need for tee times and controls that provide accurate details of everyone on the course for traceability have led to restrictions in the hours of play. Now those, necessary, procedure are in place and working well we are now looking at ways we can extend the playing day.

Q - Can I use the driving range?

A - Yes. Baskets of balls are provided in shop at £2 for 40 balls. We will record everyone who uses the practice area for the track and trace purposes. At present the driving net, chipping areas and under cover canopy are not in use. Strictly long shots only and no collecting balls off the range.

Q - How do I stop someone joining my group? I only want to play on my own or as a two-ball?

A  - Choose to play as a threeball then use the guest player option and fill in the space(s) with "Single Player" or "Twoball Only"

Q - How is the club going to reward the members who didn’t use deferral?

A - As we slowly emerge from lockdown and begin to experience some resemblance of normality, we can once again enjoy our golf. At the beginning of the lockdown back in March, the Board indicated its intention to show gratitude by means of a reward to those loyal members who supported their club through difficult times. The nature of that reward has now been agreed and is as follows: 
As soon as the bar facilities re-open, which we sincerely hope might occur in early July, we will place £25 on your bar card. Then on 1st January 2021 we will put a further £50 on your bar card. This is only a small token but one which the club can afford and which says “Thank you for your loyal support”.
Please note that the £25.00 bar levy charged to all but junior members will remain in place, and as in previous years we expect this to be credited to members’ accounts by the end of January.

Q - Are teetimes here to stay? and Q - When are we going back to not having teetimes?

A - For as long as it is a requirement for tee times, they will be a part of golf at Enmore.  How long this is going to be is not known. Once the requirement for tee times is lifted then the club will see what other clubs are doing, consider all options and most importantly let the members have the say on what we do.

Q - When will club competitions return?

A - "Fun" competitions have already returned. We announced in the weekly update that all comps were cancelled for May & June With a review of this in mid June. We have a zoom meeting this coming Friday. We are constantly discussing things and there will be an announcement at the end of this week about reintroducing some match play competition.

Q - Are coaching sessions back on?

A - Yes. Individual are now available and can be booked by calling the shop on 01278 672100 opt 3 or, by email or popping in to see us. Group coaching is returning very soon with groups of 5 people only being permitted.

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