Enmore Park Golf Club


During the Coronavirus outbreak our Head Professional Barry Forster has been producing some video lessons for our members to enjoy and hopefully learn from. 

#lockeddownlessons 23 The Towel Drill

Homemade training aid to help rhythm and sequencing.

#lockeddownlessons 22 Tennis Ball Drill

How to move dynamically in your swing using a tennis ball

#lockeddownlessons 21 Indoor Drill

A few drills to practice indoors.

#lockeddownlessons 20 Putting Challenge

Try these two challenges to sharpen your putting.

#lockeddownlessons 19 How To Practice

What type of practice do you do?

#lockeddownlessons 18 A Theory On Chipping

Your three-step process to better chipping.

#lockeddownlessons 17 Correcting A Slice

How the set up can change your slice.

#lockeddownlessons 16 The Importance Of Warming Up

A must watch.

#lockeddownlessons 15.5 Fix The Shanks

Why you might be shanking and how to fix it.

#lockeddownlessons 15 Distance Distance Distance

Strike and speed to hit it further.

#lockeddownlessons 14 Ball Flight Laws Face And Path

What makes your golf ball curve.

#lockeddownlessons 13 Two Great Tips

Chipping and Pitching.

#lockeddownlessons 12 Bunker Play Theory

The basic theory of bunker play.

#lockeddownlessons 11 Pros Vs Amateurs

What the pros do that most amateurs don't.

#lockeddownlessons 10 Why You Might Not Get Spin With Your Wedges

How different weather and club conditions affect the amount of spin you get.

#lockeddownlessons 9 Varying Chipping Heights

Changing your set up to hit different height chip shots.

#lockeddownlessons 8 How To Hit It 30 Yards Further With Your Driver

How a simple change to your AoA can have a dramatic effect on your distance.

#lockeddownlessons 7 The Lob Shot

Technique and type of lie you need.

#lockeddownlessons 6 Pre Shot Routine

The process of your routine.

#lockeddownlessons 5 Putting

Arguably the most important part of the game.

#lockeddownlessons 4 How To Hit Your Tee Shots Lower Into The Wind

Simple set up changes to change your AoA.

#lockeddownlessons 3 The Foundations Of Your Short Game

Basic chipping set up and action.

#lockeddownlessons 2 Sloping Lies

How to set up for sloping lies and the importance of understanding the face angle.

#lockeddownlessons The Grip

How to hold the club correctly and why.

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