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new rules of golf for 2019

There are some fairly important changes to the rules of golf taking place in 2019. Members will receive a guide to the changes in their membership renewal packs and full information can be found online via these two links:

R&A Website - "Must Know" New Rules for 2019
USPGA Website - New Rules for 2019

We've also produced this short video featuring these changes, presented by some of our members and staff and those important changes are also outlined below.

the most IMportant Changes

  • SEARCH TIME - This is now limited to three minutes. Of course we still encourage players to call following groups through if they're looking for a ball.
  • BALL MOVED DURING SEARCH - This used to incur a penalty, but not under the new rules. Replace the ball, replicating the lie and play the stroke.
  • EMBEDDED BALL - Previously a ball had to be on the fairway for free relief to be obtained. Now relief can be claimed anywhere in the general area.
  • MEASURING A DROP - You should use the longest club in your bag with the exception of your putter.
  • DROPPING THE BALL - Instead of from shoulder height, the ball should now be dropped from knee height.
  • TAKING STANCE ON THE WRONG GREEN - This is now not permitted. If your ball is not on the wrong green, but its position would require you to take your stance on that green, you must now take full relief.
  • BALL UNINTENTIONALLY HITS EQUIPMENT OR OTHER PLAYER - This used to incur a penalty but now it doesn't.
  • DOUBLE HIT - No longer incurs a penalty.
  • CLUB TOUCHING THE SAND IN A BUNKER  - Incidentally touching the sand with a club is now allowed, though the sand still can't be touched when taking a practice swing or playing a stroke.
  • LOOSE IMPEDIMENTS IN BUNKERS - These can now be moved without penalty.
  • DROPPING UNPLAYABLE BALL OUT OF A BUNKER - This is now an option, though doing so incurs two penalty strokes. Drop on the line of the shot, within one club length, no nearer the hole.
  • WATER HAZARDS - These are now called "Penalty Areas". Other areas can also be penalty areas defined under local rules. The word "Hazard" no longers features in the Rules of Golf.
  • TOUCHING THE GROUND IN A PENALTY AREA - This is permitted. (Previously grounding a club in a hazard incurred a penalty).
  • BALL OR MARKER MOVED BY NATURAL FORCES - If you've marked your ball, and the marker (or the ball when replaced) moves due to a natural force then you can replace the ball or marker without penalty.
  • BALL ACCIDENTLY MOVED ON PUTTING GREEN - The new rule states that it should be replaced without penalty,.
  • DAMAGE TO GREENS - All damage can now be repaired, not just pitch marks.
  • POSITIONING A CLUB FOR ALIGNMENT - This is no longer permitted.
  • CADDIE OR PLAYING PARTNER ASSISTING WITH ALIGNMENT - A playing partner or caddie can still assist with the line of a stroke, but once a player has taken his or her stance they are no longer permitted to stand directly behind the line of play.
  • PUTTING WITH THE FLAG IN PLACE - You may now putt with the flag stick in place and there is no penalty for striking the flag stick with the ball.
  • BALL WEDGED AGAINST FLAG STICK - This now counts as being holed out as long as any part of the ball is below the surface.

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