Enmore Park Golf Club



Members are invited to advertise on the big screen in our clubhouse.

Our newly aquired 65" screen is for use at meetings, to display leaderboards during big golf days, and perhaps for large sporting events such as next year's FIFA World Cup and Wimbledon Championships. For the rest of the time it will be used for club messages and marketing.

There is however plenty of scope to display a rolling set of advertisements as well, and we can offer this facility to members at  just £60.00 per advertisement, per year (or £75.00 per year if you would like us to design your advertisement).

Capacity is limited to around twenty advertisers, to ensure that each advertisement receives plenty of display time.


  • Book your advertising slot by emailing
  • Once your slot is confirmed please either supply your advertisment, or give us details/logos/colours so that we can build an advertisment for you.
  • Those who do not require design can change their advertisement whenever they wish by supplying a new file.
  • Advertisers will be invoiced for 2022 advertising once their advertisement is up and running. If you have your advertisement with us before 1st January there will be no charge for the remainder of this year.
  • We expect the big screen TV to be displaying advertisements on most days of the year, ensuring plenty of exposure for advertisers
  • The TV is BIG! - The perfect size for advertisements is 3840 x 2160 pixels, and in all cases they should be supplied at a 16x9 ratio. (We can give technical assistance if needed).
  • Initially advertising is offered to members to advertise their business. If there is spare capacity we will open up advertising to 3rd parties at our discretion, but we will never run more than 20 advertisements.

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