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You can print a copy of the Guide for New Members 2024. Click here

Frequently asked questions

Part A : for  members new to golf

Have you got additional information for Get into Golf new members? - click here for an excellent booklet from England Golf

Where do I go from here?  Click here to see Enmore Park's New Member pathway 

How can I get in touch with other new members? You will be invited to join a WhatsApp group for new members so that you can easily get in touch with each other.
Can I play with other new members?  There are several competitions set up to get you to meet up and play some more informal golf together. The competitions are 9-hole Texas Scrambles. Afterwards everyone goes into the clubhouse to have a drink and to socialise for a little while. You will be contacted to invite you to join in.  The dates for 2024 are:
Sunday 14 April 2024 at 1.30 pm
Saturday 1 June 2024 at 3.00 pm
Sunday 14 July 2024 at 1.40 pm
Saturday 31 August 2024 at 2 pm
What is golf course etiquette?  Click here to read more
Why are there so many Rules in golf?  Well, there are five areas of the course and the rules differ depending on the area your ball is in. 
The general area, which covers the entire course except for the four specific areas.
The teeing area of the hole you are playing where you start play of that hole (Rule 6 ).
Penalty areas (Rule 17-19 ).
All bunkers (Rule 12),
The putting green of the hole you are playing (Rule 13).

It is important to know the area of the course where your ball lies as this affects the Rules that apply in playing your ball or taking relief. For example, penalty areas means that if you go in a penalty area you will be penalised in some way. The basic rule is to play the ball as it lies. The pro and your buddy will help you with Rules.

What are the Rules of golf? Best place to start is by clicking here.
Why do I need a Handicap Index (HI)?  In golf, a Handicap Index is not a necessity to enjoy the game, but it does allow you to track your progress and it makes the game more competitive, especially if you're playing a round with golfers at a different level to yourself. You must have a HI if you want to join in competitions. 
What is a Handicap Index and what do you mean by Course and Playing handicap? Click here for more info. 
What do the different colour flags, markers and signs mean?
On the Tees, the green, purple and blue markers indicate which course you are playing.
On the Course, blue distance stakes on both sides of the fairway mark 150 yards from the middle of the greens, white posts mark out of bounds and yellow or red posts mark penalty areas.
On the Greens (during the summer months the blue/white flags indicate the back of the green, the yellow flags the middle of the green and the red flags the front of the green
How do I mark a score card? Click here to see more details
How do I book a round of golf? Use the IG app  or book a time in the Pro shop   
What are the different forms of golf?  Click here to find out.
Which competitions can I play in and when are they played? Click here for further info

part b: for members who have changed clubs or are returning to golf

First time coming to play at Enmore? Click here for more information
How do I book a round of golf? Use the IG app or book a time in the Pro shop.
Which competitions can I play in and when are they played?   Click here for further info
What is the club structure? Click here for more information 
How many committees and what do they do? Click here  for more information

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